The Fake Website Of GIFA Token’s Official Website Removed

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4 min readJul 31, 2021
The front view of the fake website, which is now removed for violating GIFA Holding Ltd’s data policy.

A fake website of GIFA Token’s official website was detected last week and quickly reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center and other entities for removal. On 30th July, the site was abruptly suspended by the NameCheap Inc security team and now there is a statement on the site that reads ‘’THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED’’. Currently, the site is no more accessible. However, the cybersecurity teams are still investigating the scammers operating behind this fake website.

Be on the constant lookout for possible same scams prying GIFA Token, report it once you suspected something fishy!

The fake website ‘' went live on the worldwide net from 24th June 2021, hosted on WordPress App and using NameCheap’s domain name. Its registration expiry date was set for 24–06 2022. The fake website was designed with the purpose of targeting the growing community of GIFA Token and the crypto industry at large.

The bogus site claimed to be regulated by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey (BRSA) with fake and stolen license number c113012295 that belong to another company in Mauritius.

GIFA Holding Ltd, the international company that manages the GIFA Token cryptocurrency exchange has confirmed the incident with a statement published by Yeni Bakis Gazetesi on 29 July. GIFA Holding Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yusuf Kısa, stating that a person or some people have set up a fake site called and warned the GIFX community and everyone. Mr. Kısa stated that the ‘’WhatsApp number 0 (548) 834 23 52 in TRNC is being used on the fake site’’.

“If the financial police want to do business in real terms, they should inspect them instead of dealing with vain things.” He added again that some pictures and information belonging to GIFA Holding Ltd were also used on the fake site. “Our company is not responsible for that or if there is any illegality.”

Thanks, to the timely alert from one of the GIFA Token users who first discovered this suspicious website and reported it to the company. As GIFA Token surge in popularity, so do the online scams that are on the raise targeting the fast-growing crypto exchange. It’s not the first time fraudsters creating fake websites like ‘' with the data cloned out of the GIFA Token’s website ( ) and the company’s information — excluding the contact details to replaced with theirs.

Scammers have found a way to make their website content and addresses (URLs) look just like the authentic designs of GIFA Token and some popular cryptocurrency exchange sites, like Binance,, Bittrex who also oftentimes suffered the same fate.

We are advising GIFA Token users and investors to take precautions whenever login in or sign up to the account first to make verification if a website is legitimate or not. If you come across suspicious activities or sites that purported or claimed to act on behalf of GIFA Token or the company, please report them to the company and take no action on the site.

The screenshot of is now suspended for security and data violation.

The fraudsters were thinking they were smarter when they masking the bogus website address from being accessed by certain IP addresses. Hiding it from being accessed by a certain IP address. I tried several times clicking on it but was always redirected to With the help of the Incognito Window sometimes you can see able to see the pirated websites live.

However, they used specially tailored links which then point to the cloned website, when you see that link it looks like from GIFA Toke or the company, and once clicked on it you will be redirected to that fake website.

This is a serious new scam that could prey on many gullible users who may fall victims to it. We have no idea how many people may have already accessed these fraudsters. We are glad the site has been taken down now. But, we hope the cybersecurity team will take strict action against those behind the scam.

How to avoid scam sites that impersonate legitimate sites

Scammers can send links that lead to their scam sites utilizing online public platforms like forums, social media, email, or even on the web. The best way to avoid a scam site is to manually type the URL address to the site you want in your browser’s address bar. If you frequently visit that site, you can create a shortcut on your browser’s bookmarks toolbar to help prevent online scams.



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