5 Way To Earn Passive Income From GIFA Token

The Covid-19 pandemic and its lockdown have made working from home part of many people’s everyday reality, people are making thousands of bucks from the comfort of their homes. With the lockdown-induced that now increases online freelancing businesses and opening new opportunities, the internet has been offering a variety of ways for generating passive income streams.

‘’5 Ways to earn passive income during pandemic: From GIFA Token’’

While the pandemic has had a disrupting effect on a variety of conventional industries. However, the rising demand for a cashless society, online exchange, and other consumer trends such as digital currencies like GIFA Token has been favorable for generating passive income. Below is a comprehensive list of 5 ways users can use the time of the pandemic to develop passive income streams just by promoting GIFA Token and inviting friends through the referral links.

1. Investing in GIFA Token. Shareholders of GIFA cryptocurrency will receive their quarterly payments from the company out of its profits. The dividends are paid per share investment, the more shares one owns, the higher the payout. Try it out and see how it works!

2. Selling GIFA Token. GIFX exchange (www.gifatoken.com) offers a substantial discount and unimaginable reward for just the loyal members, brokers who purchasing the GIFA Token in bulk and make a profit from the sales. In addition to that, aspiring professional traders can increase their earnings by becoming regular traders on the platform. If you’re a crypto investor, crypto lending can provide you with immediate returns — and you don’t even have to sell any coins. Although there are over 9,000 cryptocurrencies, according to CoinMarketCap, most exchanges only allow users to lend a few dozen of them. So the question is: Which coins should you lend? That depends on your desired returns, market conditions, and personal risk tolerance.

GIFX, the fast-growing crypto exchange by market dominance, offers several investment options internationally through a 35% instant discount, for both flexible lendings purchasing. Unfortunately, some of the features are not currently available in some countries and regions. The average daily compounding earnings from the platform for selling the premier token may fall into somewhere within the $500-$10,000 range. Remember, these figures are random estimations. Hard workers will even earn more than that!

Since the pandemic has created a demand for home-bound businesses that have never been imagined before, there are still plenty of ways in which the newcomers can contribute to the GIFX community and turn their work into a stable profit. Anyone can participate in GIFA Token’s initial coin offering (ICO) and become our ambassador:

3. Affiliate Marketing. With affiliate marketing, website owners, social media influencers, bloggers, or anyone with a substantial online outreach can promote GIFA Token by including a referral link to the content on their sites or social media posts.

4. GIFA Token Mining. In the simplest terms, cryptocurrency mining refers to the use of computing power to solve cryptographic equations — an activity for which the so-called “miners” are compensated with crypto-tokens. Though this trend began with Bitcoin, mining for GIFA Token the moment has mostly become a corporate business rather than a viable source of passive income for an average individual. That said, mining alternative coins like Dogecoin and Monero — cryptocurrencies that have experienced steady growth throughout the pandemic — can still be a profitable venture, generating up to $30/month. This functionality is not available at moment, perhaps in the near future!

5. Your GIFA Wallet as Remittance Service. While the underlying technology here is new but not so complicated as you might think, the way it works from the GIFA Token user perspective is quite straightforward. First, to kick-start with this, you required to install the GIFA Wallet App (Androids or iOS) on your device, open an account, and top up the funds in the account in order to be active. From there the user can use the digital wallet as a mode of any transaction, receiving, and sending money globally.

‘’We want to help you make more informed decisions’’

The best way is to lend out your digital wallet (e-wallet) to people who want to do cross-border transfers. GIFA Wallet is very good at that! Generally, the earning potential generated from a single user’s e-wallet varies depends how innovative the holder is. That said, GIFA Wallet solved most needs of the remittance services like many money transmitters, banks, and Western Union.

‘’Some crypto owners are earning 25% interest by lending out coins’’

While there are more ways for generating passive income nowadays, this list is a sufficient starting point for making more money and increasing current wealth, especially in a time of economic crisis like the current one emanating from this COVID-19 pandemic. While GIFX exchange trying decentralized economy and maximizing one’s financial freedom via a passive income route still requires an individual’s effort, despite it is certainly doable.

To sum up: GIFX exchange is creating a ‘win-win’ platform where the users, affiliates, investors, shareholders, and our company all benefit from the project.

GIFA Token is corporate-backed crypto that solely managed by GIFA Holding LTD, an international company registered and domiciled in (TRNC). | www.gifatoken.com