GIFX Exchange Is Now Opened For Trading & Exchange

Good news to GIFA Token users! ‘’We are pleased to announce the opening of GIFA Token exchange platform for trade and exchange in the following crypto-friendly countries Turkey, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Argentina, Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, UK, and Germany’’.

We will be extending this service and feature to other countries soon and in particular to every state in the United States by the next year 2022 around or before August.

Take Away

  • Users can swap BTC, ETH, and XRP to GIFX with no limitations globally.
  • Users will be able to swap from GIFX to BTC, ETH, and XRP before August 2022 worldwide.
  • Exchanging GIFA Tokens (GIFX) to other cryptos is available through the GIFA exchange platform. (However, at the moment, this feature on the exchange platform is only opened for Turkey, Netherland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Argentina, Estonia, Malta, Switzerland, UK, and Germany).
  • The exchange platform will be soon opened for users in the United States around August 2022.
  • GIFX can be transferred from one Wallet to another Wallet Worldwide with no limitation.
  • You can sell your tokens to another GIFA Wallet holder with no restriction.

Users can now trade and exchange using these supported cryptocurrencies additionally to GIFA Token (GIFX), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litcoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and Tether (USDT) more respectively.

Investing in the cryptocurrency sphere and launching our own GIFA Token cryptocurrency has been a great decision. With less than only 7 months since the launch date and into the 2nd Phase of the ICO, we have seen GIFA Token surged in both values, and price as the worldwide distribution has reached over 200 million in market cap.

Rapidly we are witnessing countries across the globe joining the emerging DeFi sector and crypto trading, determining the status and legality of crypto ecosystem and crypto trading in their countries. It would probably be not too long before we see a worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange equivalent to fiat money.

Cryptocurrencies are fast gaining ground as a new means of payment, as a medium of exchange based on blockchain technology. This is article was drafted from a 5th Public Announcement released on 31st March 2021 by GIFA Token (GIFX) Team. Keep watching this space for new regular updates!



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