What Does It Mean To Be GIFA Token Holder?

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GIFA Token (GIFX) has shown a strong posture in 2021 so far, as the price of GIFX hit all-time highs with 983%. The golden token attracts vast followers from all hemispheres of the globe who are now cheering seeing these recent gains, especially given in this time of the ICO period (Phase II).

Take Away

  • The number of GIFA Token whales is increasing.
  • The premier token continuously proves itself that is a store of value and hedge against inflation.
  • The corporate-backed crypto maintains a constant uptrend.

GIFA exchange is a global decentralized network, commanding a diverse demographic of institutional investors. GIFX armed with advanced blockchain technology, allowing individuals and business to diversify their digital assets, extend investment portfolios, and trade (for users whose trading feature is enabled ). GIFA Token bull rallies enchant loyal holders who again the driving force beyond GIFX price that hit the ceiling, and the frenzy that booming its value, drawing in new buyers looking to make money and long-term investments.

GIFX edges closer to $500 in Friday’s Bull rally

GIFA Token price is hovering above a critical demand point that could propel the corporate crypto to new record highs. The token is rebounding back to an upper boundary of $480.51 to provide further confirmation of an upswing. On the 24-hour chart, GIFX price on Friday when I write this article is trading above $480 which is a huge gain since March.

‘’GIFA Token is the people’s cryptocurrency’’

This is a testimony that the number of whales has increased holding approximately 20,100,000,000 tokens that currently in distribution. The number of active addresses in the past 24 hours also hit its highest record since March 2021, indicating that investors and new users are heavily interested in the digital asset and don’t want to miss out on buying at a current price while it is manageable and affordable altogether.

Additionally, the uptrend chart is a sign of bearish that adds confidence and appeasement to the digital asset and has set its target at $1000 in 2023, which is just a year to come.

GIFX network is expanding

If GIFA Token bulls can hold on for the whole year, GIFX price could see a skyrocketing above $800. Supporting this bullish narrative and 983% increase suggesting that some high net worth investors are confident in GIFA Token’s performance and have foreseen a good return on investment (ROI) in the near future, therefore they are pouring in cash as far as they could.

According, to an insider source over 2,000 addresses have purchased nearly 10.71 million GIFX at an average price of $128.06, and an estimated over 40,000 wallet addresses acquired 119,007,411 million tokens. Such data demonstrates that people are purchasing GIFA Token in bulk!

Meanwhile: the GIFA exchange is working to open the trading platform to all users in 12 weeks to come and also planning to implement the payment platform that will allow users to convert the token into major currencies and able to execute other types of transactions without limitation, globally.

Serious investors are now ponding what could be next for GIFX in a not-so-distant future. Investing in GIFA Token at this moment proves a profitable proposition. Despite, the volatility in the whole crypto ecosystem, However, there are a few altcoins that perform better and show good signs.

Long-term investors would dapple any risk; everywhere money goes there is RISK such as investing in stocks, commodities (oil, silver, and gold), or buying cryptos. Profits and Risks are the two sides of the same coin. Equally, to say considering investing in GIFA Token, a stable coin backed by several projects and physical assets is an opportunity knocking on your door, and might regret it later when you miss out or left out.

People like Cameron, Dan Morehead, Barry Silbert, Tyler Winklevoss, and others, who started buying and acquiring Bitcoin when its price was just worth peanut, today they are billionaires. ‘



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GIFA Token is corporate-backed crypto that solely managed by GIFA Holding LTD, an international company registered and domiciled in (TRNC). | www.gifatoken.com