GIFA Exchange Will Allow All Users To Trade In 12 Weeks

GIFA exchange will allow all users to trade in 12 weeks to come, the Northern Cyprus-based crypto exchange revealed this good news on Friday that the trading platform will slide wide open to all users and traders who may seek profitable investment in a stable digital asset.

The platform already opened but only a few individuals who could able to settle the requirement. Let’s keep our fingers crossed: Such privilege will be applicable to all members. If you are interested to have that feature added to your GIFA account now so that you also start trading right away, please send your request to /

GIFA Token price has been on a roller coaster in recent weeks, with investor interest growing significantly due to the bullish of the premier cryptocurrency and specifically, Bitcoin aftermath. GIFX gave the entire crypto space a big boost. Today, GIFX rallies past $360, but last Monday the price was up in the ceiling reaching $545.02 before came to dip down and settling at $361.27 on Friday at the time of writing this article.

It is a milestone for none fungible token, we saw GIFA Token’s price hit a record all-time highs along with several other altcoins in the market. This is the second phase of the GIFX ICO period that started on 10 January 2021 and will go until 09 July 2021.

Token Allocation

Token SaleS (Private & Public)

  • 27.94%


  • 12.24%

Founder Team

  • 24.4%

Marketing & Advisory

  • 14.24%

Research & Development

  • 21.18%

Fund Utilization

Platform & Core Product Development

  • 13.04%

Marketing & Business Development

  • 19.57%


  • 25%


  • 17.39%

Exchange Listing

  • 15.21%


  • 9.79%

GIFA Token’s Roadmap

Since the inception of GIFA Token in 2020, the exchange has achieved several objectives and milestones. Over the next three years, GIFA cryptocurrency wishes to achieve even more milestones. GIFX devotes itself to build a strong global network of its followers, subscribers, and GIFA Token owners. We are committed to openness, transparency, and progress forward anchoring the road map for our users and investors.


  • (1) GIFA token concept development.
  • (2) GIFA token design prototypes.
  • (3) Finalize GIFA token design and protocol architecture.
  • (4) Development and launch of GIFA cryptocurrency exchange platform.
  • (5) GIFA Token sales raised over $20300,000,000.
  • (6) Initial consumer-facing deployments.
  • (7) Further consumer-facing deployments.
  • (8) Offer GIFA token mobile wallet app, for Android and iOS.
  • (9) Ensure that the GIFA exchange platform supports BTC, ETH, PMA, and all ERC-20 tokens.
  • (10) Added other leading currencies on the GIFA exchange platform, and list GIFA on a minimum of 4 other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • (11) Recruit 150 users in the first 6 months. (Current Moment)
  • (12) Recruit and open a minimum of 1000 Wallets by Year 2.
  • (13)Facilitate a minimum of 650 daily exchange orders on the GIFA cryptocurrency exchange platform.

We believe GIFA Token will become one of the most popular and preferred choices of the global community, which will make it known as the ‘People’s Cryptocurrency’. We are en route to making GIFA Token, not only a powerful cryptocurrency but fundamentally secured, stable and decentralized. Our strong values, beliefs, and commitments shall continue to shape GIFA TOKEN’s 2021 roadmaps.

We shall endeavor to provide regular progress reports and notifications to the GIFA Token community. GIFA Token now has a market capitalization of above $480 billion and enjoying attention from high-profile institutional investors that have mainly driven the interest and prices of the token up. Early adopters who bought the GIFA Token in bulk when it was worth $1.00 (USD) for peanut soon can cash out with large profit margins.




GIFA Token is corporate-backed crypto that solely managed by GIFA Holding LTD, an international company registered and domiciled in (TRNC). |

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GIFA Token - Exchange

GIFA Token - Exchange

GIFA Token is corporate-backed crypto that solely managed by GIFA Holding LTD, an international company registered and domiciled in (TRNC). |

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