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Ever since the first ICO, GIFA Token has approved itself that it is indeed a digital currency with growth potentials. GIFA Token (GIFX) is a fast-growing cryptocurrency with a market cap, valued at $140 billion. The current price of GIFA Token is $6.88, which is 16% higher than yesterday 29th November 2021.

Crypto project

In October 2020, GIFA Holding LTD introduced the cryptocurrency project ‘’GIFA Token’’ to the public in order to get funds through crowdfunding and to raise support. Initial coin offerings have become the norm when companies want to raise money to fund their projects.

For investors, it’s an opportunity to get tokens that can then be sold later for a good profit. GIFA Token was issued as part of the disruptive innovation with a starting price tag of $1.00 per token.

With hundreds of ICOs popping up in the market these days, it is critical that an investor knows exactly what to do and what to expect once they decide to invest in the project. GIFA Token’s whitepaper is a clear testimony that outlines the roadmap and defines the blueprint of the entire crypto project. I hope you have already read the whitepaper to understand some of the underlying objectives!

Since then, GIFA Token’s ICO has been considered one of the successful ICOs ever and so far the company has raised more than $300 million in both pre-sales and ICO crowd sales. This monumental project is still available for any participant who wants to take part.

GIFA Token is a next-generation blockchain ecosystem that brought together stakeholders, investors, and users in realizing the future of the next world economy. Hence, individuals are empowered to diversify their investment portfolios. The GIFA Token is a global network without borders — thus providing investors with full privacy and anonymity.

Main functionalities

  • GIFA Wallet (android and iOS).
  • Swap GIFA Token with other cryptos.
  • Buy / Sell other cryptos including (Bitcoin)

What is GIFA Token?

GIFX is basically an ERC-20 token and there’s a total of 20,100,000,000 tokens with the distribution as follows:

  • 27.94% were assigned for Private & Public.
  • 24.4% belong to the Founding Team.
  • 12.24% assigned for Reward.
  • 14.24% allocated for Marketing and Advisory.
  • 21.18% were reserved for Research and Development.

GIFA Token Address

Once you have created the account on the platform you will get the wallet address automatically that associated with your digital wallet. Since GIFX is an Ethereum token, its address will look like an Ethereum address i.e. a long string of letters and numbers starting with 0x. Here’s an example: 0x1cc567afa7e997cdeaeab3f5843b028e765b0b57.


As GIFA Token grows in popularity and value, GIFA Token’s utility will give users an advantage in the form of lower transaction fees, incentives, profits, and other trading bargainings. (1) GIFX exchange is obvious the right place to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos at low transaction fees. I recommend you to try it for yourself and compare it! (2) GIFA Token is an inflation-resistant crypto asset that shields and protects your wealth against inflations.

Currently, the company is busy with its plans of building a decentralized exchange as well as supporting infrastructure, where GIFA Token can be converted into cash. Definitely, such a move is a good step in the right direction that will encourage more buying interest and boost the value of the token.


Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and may not be appropriate for all types of investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any government or regulatory framework. By investing in the crypto asset you agree to our disclaimer. All information including our rating is provided merely for informational purposes. does not provide investment advice, please consult a licensed or qualified financial adviser for investment advice.



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