Could GIFA Token Price Recover From Monumental Dip?

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5 min readJul 6, 2022


The digital currency and concept / GIFX market.

GIFA Token price got underpinned over the month with the $9.46 level acting as a supportive measure, making sure that bulls had an anchor to hold on hoping new buyers start coming into the network. Before the spiral selloff, GIFA Token’s price surged on May 06 that netting nearly 98% profit for the bulls.

With the crypto winter still prevailing, trading on Tuesday morning saw the whole crypto market trying to return to life after more than $2 trillion was wiped from the overall cryptocurrency market, although it’s not a broad movement. One implication is that demand will switch from Bitcoin to other digital assets to diversify the crypto investment.

There are lots of other crypto-assets like GIFA Token, Mana coin and etc that are trading at lower prices that are truly good investments, in the sense that they are backed by real assets, unlike BTC, which are backed by nothing.

Bitcoin first slipped below $30,000 last week, declining steadily to $25,000 by Sunday before making a substantial fall to $21,000 on Monday. The largest crypto slid down further to $20,000 on Wednesday and continued to hover near that range Friday. Ethereum reacted similarly, falling as much as 30% over the last week to a new 18-month low of $1,000.

‘’Holding GIFX would be a smarter move than buying a grambling ticket’’

GIFX price’s gains evaporated sharply, as sellers liquidated the tokens to get cash from their cryptocurrencies to withstand the current woes and inflation turmoils in global markets. We are expecting to see a return back to $500 or more.

The rebound back could unfold soon or later once the trading session takes over. This will be translated into GIFX price action, which could mean a test against $100, $150, or $200 and a possible pop higher with prospects of trading towards $300.

Consider that a growing number of establishments now accept payment in GIFA Token and other cryptocurrencies. Some local hotels, real estate, and future shops, for example, GIFA Token holders can pay the services in the equivalent amount provided by the daily exchange rate.

How low or high will the GIFX price go?

Having fallen more than 80% over the last week to $4.33, investors are wondering where the bottom may be for GIFX as well as other digital assets. But, many experts predict the crypto market could go far higher than actually did. As the two most well-known cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH continue to tumble, you may be wondering just how low the market could go and whether you should buy the dip.

The crypto market is in the midst of a bearish sentiment cycle as investors are retreating from the market. There are several factors that driving negative sentiment in the crypto markets right now including inflation and recession fears. Fears of a recession are pushing investors to liquidate risky assets, and the collapse of Luna and TerraUSD last month and lender Celsius pausing withdrawals this week have further eroded confidence in the space.

Should you buy the dip?

There’s never a “perfect” time to start investing as it’s impossible to time the market. But experts say now could be a good time to get in the market while prices are low — after you’ve assessed your risk tolerance (crypto is highly speculative) and covered other financial priorities, like saving for an emergency and investing in a more traditional retirement fund.

Potential investors looking to buy into this week’s dip should understand that fluctuations are par for the course, and be prepared for this kind of volatility going forward.

Even if you invest now, with prices relatively low, be prepared for them to fall even more. That’s why it’s important to only put in what you’re comfortable with losing. Experts generally recommend allocating less than 5% of your portfolio to crypto investments.

If you’re planning to buy the dip, you may be wondering which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Though the potential growth of Ethereum, and Bitcoin is highly speculative, they are still among the best cryptos you can invest in right now, according to experts. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap and exchange volume, making them good options if you are just starting a crypto investment journey.

As a digital bearer asset with absolute scarcity, your share of the monetary network cannot be diluted with money printing if you own crypto assets. Over time your wealth and purchasing power can continue to grow, and with enough time in the market, GIFA Token and other virtual assets are expected to greatly outpace inflation as adoption continues to grow. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a better way to save while accumulating investment holdings.

‘’Change your present so you can change your future’’

As little as 1% of your pay per month into GIFX allocation could have a significant effect on your financial situation in the future. While short-term price action may seem volatile and scary to amateurs, if you zoom out and keep a long-term focus, your small monthly, weekly, or daily bites into crypto holding will pay off over the years, effectively creating a pay raise for yourself, allowing you to continue your service without sacrificing purchasing power.

GIFX market that exists in the crypto world, is absolute scarcity that opens you up to the possibility of asymmetric returns. Only, through redirecting your investment and saving streams into GIFA Token, you could truly build a strong economic base that allows you to worry less about money and enjoy your life more.

Additionally, the asymmetric returns over time are expected to greatly outpace all other investments. With growing developments in collateralized lending, you don’t even need to necessarily sell your GIFA Token to benefit from it. I recently funded a kitchen renovation using a loan from GIFA Exchange, collateralized against my GIFX stack.

The possibilities are endless. I see this opportunity as one of the best in my lifetime to truly build generational wealth, leave my children something when I die, and ensure that they can live a better life than I did. GIFA Token gives me hope for the future because of this.

GIFX has fundamentally changed the way I see the world. Every purchase is worth it, and yet I feel more financially secure than I ever have in my entire life. The path I have chosen to follow has once again given me optimism for a better future with my family. My hope for you is that you should seize your opportunities in the crypto market to achieve financial stability and generational wealth.



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