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You can buy GIFA cryptocurrency with your credit card, but it’s not the easiest option as before, now banking institutions are engulfed by the growing fears of a new cashless society and uncertainty cultivated by the blockchain economic decentralization that emerging. If you’re interested in buying GIFA Token or any other cryptocurrencies, and you may be thinking about paying by credit card.

The best options to buy cryptocurrency is with cash or bank transfer, but if you don’t have any other alternative means available a person may try a credit card, but there are obstacles to buying cryptocurrency with credit cards, and it’s better to use other payment methods if you eventually couldn’t.

It’s highly recommended to pay in cash or convert the money into another form, well recognized online payment systems and e-payment gateways such as (PayPal) in order to enable you to buy a cryptocurrency and avoid some unnecessary fees, interest, and bank penalties. First, the user should open the account with those online payment systems and fund the account before link it with crypto exchange.

The bigger problem is that most credit card issuers no longer let you buy cryptocurrency with a credit card. Bank of America, Capital One, Citi, First Bank of Nigeria, and more others from various countries have all chosen to block these types of transactions. American Express cards are one of the few exceptions among the major card issuers willing to let the cardholders buying digital assets. You can buy cryptocurrency with an American Express card, but it will be a cash advance imposition.

If you have credit card debt, transferring the fund to any account in your name like PayPal will give you full control of your money without any restriction or limitation imposed. There are many paying methods that will allow users to circumvent credit card issuers and pay 0% interest when purchasing cryptos.

Screenshot: GIFX Payment method — Bank transfer

Stick to (Direct deposit) when purchasing cryptocurrency

When buying cryptocurrency, the only smart option is to pay in cash or wire transfer. GIFA Token — exchange generally will let you deposit money by bank account transfer or money wires. The bank transfers are the least expensive. If you own Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin you can swap it with GIFA Token too. A new account of the users who completed the purchase via bank deposit will be created immediately.

GIFA Token — exchange accepts users paying with the Master card, Visa, bank transfer as well as PayPal. You can choose any one of those methods available that make it easy to purchase the token. Not every credit card issuer will let you buy crypto in the first place. If you are so lucky and done the payment, your card issuer will almost certainly classify the purchase as a cash advance, which will cost you extra.

Global Coverage

GIFX exchange has 24/7 supporting service and covering many regions from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America as well as the Oceanian nations. In so doing allows users to make payments from their comfort zones anywhere in the world with ease. GIFA crypto’s primary focus is to provide holistic cryptocurrency inclusiveness for everybody, as well as a seamless trading experience.

Take into account that cryptocurrency exchanges that allow credit card payments will all charge extra fees for those transactions. For example, Binance charges 3.5% (minimum $10) when you pay by credit card. While Kraken, Bitfinex, Luno, Coinmama are even charging more plus the bank fee incurred on your account. With GIFA Token’s users, things are more transparent and the platform will charge ZERO interest fees when purchasing the token via the App; if using the desktop-version there is a small charge but not so worse like other exchanges charging.

The Northern Cyprus-based cryptocurrency exchange has the best commission rates in the industry. Currently, all cryptocurrency transactions are very competitive with market rates some charge gas fees that compensate the computing energy used to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The gas fees charged according to the daily price which subjected to change. Ethereum average gas price today is 163.88 Gwei for 24 March 2021. GIFA Token is an Ethereum based crypto (ERC-20 token) which means, the user should have enough gas in his / her digital wallet to authorized transactions in the case of withdrawing/converting GIFA Token to cash.

How to buy GIFA Token with a credit card

Go to the GIFA Token website ( and click the “Open Account” button, you will see it after the scroll-down. There you will need to enter your email, password, read and accept the terms and conditions and agree to the privacy policy in order to complete the registration process. Below are few steps required:

  • You should be a credit cardholder of the card issuer that doesn’t block cryptocurrency purchases (assuming you have a credit card without a cryptocurrency ban).
  • Open an account with GIFA Token by going to the official site
  • Once you complete the sign-up, you will need to verify your account that hardly takes a small amount of time.
  • Once the verification is done, you will have to activate advanced security like the two-factor authentication to ensure your account is safe.
  • Once the account is authenticated and protected, you can proceed with the actual buying
  • Once you have signed into the GIFA account, you need to navigate to the quick deposit option. (Desktop-version or App) navigate to add funds option that is seen when you click the drop-down arrow near your profile icon.
  • Once you click on this, you will receive the PayID and reference number which you can make a payment against from your bank account.
  • You can transfer the funds that you would be requiring to make a GIFA Token purchase and make the purchase once your account has been recharged.
  • Complete the transaction and you should see the funds in your account. You might experience a delay in having the funds into your account depending on the partner bank/card that you use.

Please note that in order to get access to all of the GIFA Token’s premium features, you need to verify your account aside from the initial registration process. This is an international standard verification process on every blockchain node that requires your proof of identity, which can be in the form of a passport, driver’s license, national ID card, or municipality bill.

Screenshot: GIFX Payment method — iPayTotal (Master cards and Visa cards )

Once all of those steps have been successfully completed, you will have full access to all of the products of GIFX exchange that are hidden from unregistered users. The platform’s simplicity made it so easy to use, allowing a smooth, clutter-free parallax scrolling that is easy to navigate and designed in a way that puts a core emphasis on the functions and time efficiency.

In terms of security features, GIFX exchange offers two-factor authentication so you can secure your account. The platform also offers an easy user interface and live price updates on the Price Chart it even displays within the users’ digital wallets that make this the perfect platform for serious people and business entities looking for cryptocurrency investment portfolios.



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