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3 min readJan 13, 2022
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If you really want to be part of the future — start investing in crypto now, you can start small, small, and grow as you go along. Today, we’re seeing a new generation of fintech emerging. Countries are also starting to jump on board. More particularly, El Salvador recently added bitcoin as one of its legal tenders, which is now the revenue generated is being allocated to build schools.

Prominent payment technology leaders such as Mastercard, PayPal, and Visa have incorporated crypto assets into their networks. PayPal allows merchants to accept payment in crypto assets, while Visa and Mastercard have partnered with fintech companies offering crypto debit cards.

As crypto takes up more and more mindshare of consumers’ markets, we’ll see more crypto infrastructure built for speedy transfers so that the consumers can continue to integrate and manage both their fiat and crypto into a single platform. We’ll also see a new wave of fintech companies that are powered by blockchain infrastructure.

Let us talk briefly about Web3, a decentralized internet, which is built on the foundation of the blockchain ecosystem and integrated with the cryptocurrency market. Web3 will emerge as a major instrument for crypto exchanges and NFT trading.

Web3 strives for inclusiveness and empowering the communities. The decentralized crypto market guarantees any person who holds the crypto assets to use them as collateral for an assurance, allowing individuals to use their crypto assets in all manner of financial needs the same way they would do with physical assets.

The fintech sector is overtaking traditional banks, with more than £2 trillion in the cryptocurrency market, the decentralized platforms are offering endless opportunities like peer-to-peer payments, and financial incentives for users to generate passive income.

These incentives attract people from old financial models to crypto. It’s very hard to predict what will happen to the crypto market in 2025 and beyond. But it is worth keeping an eye on crypto trends and new developments so that you will be able to make better investing decisions as the market continues to evolve.

A sustainable future

As we continue to move in that direction, we’ll soon start to realize how important the crypto space and the broader blockchain industry are. It is evident that the GIFA Token exchange is providing easy and safe access for investors who want to diversify their crypto holdings and investments. GIFA Token has capabilities that could make the growing digital economy more valuable and profitable.

It is understandable to state that ‘’each and every droplet in the water has made up the big ocean’’. equivalent to say ‘’each and every altcoin available in the market is empowering the decentralized finance.’’ We are looking at a bright future! The crypto asset may have its detractors, but it will become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Cryptocurrencies are the future of finance and would dominate the global payments sector.


According to the data obtained from Nakamoto Index it indicated that GIFA Token transaction volume per day has grown significantly since the start of the pandemic. This is due to the influx of new crypto users and traders whose activities contributed to the price movement. The analysis provides more insights into various sentiments among stakeholders of the GIFX community. Over 68% of GIFA Token holders are optimistic about the future growth and mass adoption of GIFA Token.

Price predictions

The market is keeping investors on their toes as most cryptocurrencies experiencing some pullbacks. Bitcoin price hits a curb at $44,088 today, but if bulls can keep the fade contained, investors can start dreaming of $50,000. Ethereum price action sees investors hesitant of breaking above the $3,290 but tailwinds should help the conviction. XRP bulls got support at $0.78 covering their back and should only result in more upside to come.

The price of 1 GIFA Token is trading around $11.67, and it ramps up toward $20,00 where it was one week ago. If the sentiment deepens even further, expect bears to drive the price action even lower towards $10.00. However, the optimism is high and we expect GIFA Token price to bounce back to $40.00 or higher as economic inflation hits hard and buying momentum for crypto increases.



GIFA Token - Exchange

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